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How Big Should My Booze Budget Be?

When planning for your dream wedding, you cannot take for granted the budget you should allocate on the liquor you will serve to your guests. Since it’s a time to celebrate and make toasts, having a nice yet not over-the-budget wedding drinks is a must for a successful reception event.

It is tricky to estimate the exact number of alcoholic drinks you need to include on your wedding bar and the exact amount of money you’ll spend. However, there are at least several steps you have to do to make the estimation process more convenient.

Step 1: Pick the type of alcohol to be served

Alcoholic drinks range from light to heavy liquor. But keep in mind that you don’t have to serve every type of liquor on your wedding. It is important to know the type of alcohol your guests would want to have.

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For a safer choice, you may give out two options for each type of booze especially on alcohols wherein your guest may be too particular and serving only one variant will displease some. However, you must also know that you do not have to cater for your every guest’s alcohol preference. A celebration where everyone you love – your family and friends – with free drinks is enough to make the night more special.

Step 2: Decide the type of wedding bar to put up

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You may put up an open bar or a limited bar. However, if you are on a tight budget, a wedding bar that serves limited drinks and brand of alcohol is the best option. As an example, your wedding bar may include beer and wine only, or with additional signature cocktail aside from the champagne for the toasts.

Step 3: Estimate the liquor’s quantity to be purchased

For most wedding booze estimates, the “one drink per hour per guest” rule of thumb prevails. You may likewise decide to serve 2 drinks for the first hour before serving 1 drink for the next hours. Moreover, a bottle of champagne to be used for the toast is enough to serve 8 guests.

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Meanwhile, if you are serving two options for each type of liquor for your guests, then you also have to include it in your calculation. Through these rules, you can estimate the quantity of drinks to be purchased on your wedding day depending on the number of attendees.

Step 4: Determine if you are doing a cocktail hour

The cocktail hour is optional but if you are opting to have such in your wedding, you must make sure that your signature cocktail is enough for each guest in the party for the whole duration of the reception. Having signature cocktail is a good addition to make your wedding ambiance more fun as it effectively complements your wedding’s theme. Moreover, it can be a cost-effective alternative since your budget may be cut for the liquor expenses. This is because the mixers and needed materials for cocktail mixes may be bought in bulk.

Step 5: Your wedding’s booze budget must also be big enough to cover these considerations:

  • The personality of your guests and their drinking type
  • The beverages to be served for non-alcoholic drinkers
  • The day and time of your wedding
  • Your state’s liquor laws
  • The quantity and quality of the booze included in your wedding bar

Generally, calculating the necessary budget for your weddings booze will be easier by knowing how much alcohol you need and considering the factors and circumstances surrounding your wedding. You must, however, add some extra number of liquor to cover last-minute changes or if your guests have consumed more than you have estimated. You also have to remember to keep everything in moderation for prioritising your guests’ happiness, safety and contentment is a must.

More importantly, for a smooth and efficient way of organising every important aspect on your special day, deciding with a reputable and well-experienced wedding planner is the right thing to do. Nevertheless, from these unspoken yet effective rules, you can spend the most important day of your life without worries of leaving your guests unsatisfied.

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